Shocked! Shocked am I to hear of allegations CVS helped make some meth.What year was it I said, "Honey, I think those guys with the Gore bumper-sticker were spyin' on us." Where were we? IN FRONT OF CVS!!!What year? Year of Our Lord 2000. Q: "Why was Al Gore arguing with Bill Clinton under the wing of Air Force One with the engines running that same year?" A: Don't know, but I think they did not want to be heard by my technologies. Keep in mind, Hughes watched virtually no TV, but I saw them doing that on the mind-controlled network news. Cosmic! Cosmic! (not)

In the event my sorry ass is killed before I get the Word Press blog up to, as MPC Greg 5 Cents would say, "bifurcate" the political from attempts at humor, or my e-mail does not go anywhere, here's the outgoing message to the Missouri State Patrol, but I can't send them the not yet a movie scene of mine with their car in it, because my HP computer will stay broken, I think, while I rip new orifices in "HP Meg" and "Moon Man" Brown. Fruit and Nutland! (for real) Stoned! Drunk! Zonked on Big Pharma's pills! Hypnotized! No mental hospitals! New Age nutcases! And, they are crazy for their Culver City/Vandenberg AFB crap of mine. So, write in "HUGHES" on November 2 and (probably not) change the world! Meantime, I tire of spy-kooks who know the girl did disappear at Disneyworld and Chestnut Health Systems - Mainstay. (Not to mention that oh so in jail USAF guy with an old Miata and pooping dog who.....ready for this? Disappeared with his spouse right in front of me! Prepare for credible court testimony! The "crazy card" will not work! Since late 2008, did you try to drive me nuts a bit out here in Cali-fornia? It ain't working, LUTHERAN SS! Go ahead with your CA crime per usual, but after TURNER, PAUL and MR. RYERSON are eating at county/state/or federal expense, you'll get nowhere with your defamation. E.T.'s & Flyin' Triangles it is not! Mysticism it is not! Black Magic it is not! Stephen W. Hawking stuff it is! OLD GENERATION @ HUGHES: "It's not rocket science." NEW GENERATION @ [insert my company name after the vile Negro U.S. President has been kicked-out]: "It's not quantum physics."

What's the last-ditch plan if I can't get my EE Bonds, I Bonds, or BNY Mellon Investors accounts back from "The Mob," out here in Cali-fornia? May I have "prisoner-style" transport from CA to MO? I know my history and geography, so it would be CA>>AZ>>NM>>TX>>OK>>MO. I'd rather get some cash and/or girlfriend and drive myself, but the local National Socialists seem to object. Pardon me, while I first try to solve a murder with no badge or gun. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." I'll stay in touch, unless they stink bomb the Go-Bell Computer Lab.

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