Hot Rats/Steaming Rubbish

Once More: "Prince of Wales, So In Jail!"

Never enough time, so you all know where this came from. Is there a God? Look at that OG Cover, and USPS spies, how long did Mrs. Hughes and I subscribe? Free? Did you say "free?" You talkin' to me? May I purchase a natural right, please?

9:23 a.m.
Spent 9:15 - 9:23 saying "pen cap" over & over b/c it seemed to "disappear"-- the BLUE ONE, natch. D[ ] has nicknamed B[ ] "Vulture Boy," over the behavior toward [A ] the girl who is either: A) Dissociative from trauma; B) Schizophrenia, Catatonic Type; C) Depressed; D) Loaded-up on meds; E) An actress. She's maybe a ride home on the "James Theory" meaning we DRIVE to MPC and get her a quickie appmt. with BJCBH. Spies may be surprised to see BJC/Downtown is the very first thing I'm doing on your blasted computer.

Dead in Go-Bell? B[ ] threatened my life with 2 witnesses 2x and NO ONE MOVED A MUSCLE. DAVE THE DRIFTER curses loud, tosses O.J. containers across the room & NO ONE EVEN TWITCHES. Dead body on the floor? TO THE COMPOST HEAP!
10:24 a.m.
#1 Crappy Hollyscummywood Flick = Paramount Paranormal
#2 Paramount Jackasses in 3D
#3 "Summit" is "Red?"
#4 What's up doc? WB is all "supernatural" with Clint?

May I have a rational conversation, please? For example: Where did the black Poker Player go who raised his hand when I said, from a different room, "You guys were plotting to kill Obama, weren't you?" Into the steaming compost heap, perhaps? Not right! Not legal, even in CA.

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