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This is what the old neighborhood called a "mishmosh." Looking for "secret code?" You are in the wrong place. As soon as I can get the f***ing thing to work, my considerable political skills go "hatchet job" on another blog. (Think a youthful BOB DOLE). Can't stand the heat? Get out of Cali-fornia. May I defecate indoors? May I return to the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri, USA for a third time? Where's my "presidential" library card? Why do the old, long retired from you-know-where guys with little earphones there like me so much? Oh, mafia! mafia! it is such a long story, but not, if you'd shut the f### up and listen. Kiddos, I will say anything I want on this here Soldier Boy's Internet, and if y'all want to come and kill my ass, you sure know where to find me.

I'm dead? No books? No screenplays? Here's some Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village, California quotes:

"They might offer you a ride, but sometimes you'd better not get in the car."
"Let's get off [the bus] here, so they can follow us."
"The county keeps all of that money and earns interest."
"If they did that in Bell, imagine what they're doing here."
"Any more talking outside the church [@7:15a.m.] and the rest of the program is cancelled."
"You have to tell these people a 'sob story', or they won't do shit for you."
"[murder] is like throwing trash out the window of your truck...if the cops didn't see it, they don't care."

On the latter point, don't even think about touching RALPH'S CART 729. Don't even think it, buster, because you & I are going to "explore" why my family, with no anthropologists or archaeologists, referred to the "La Brea Tar Pits." YOU ARE IN THE "BLACK?" NO, YOU ARE A STUPID CRIMINAL. AND, GENIUS BOY, YOU ARE GOOD AND STUCK. Me? Let you out? "Dudly Doright" helping con artists & cuckoo-birds? Five...four...three...two...one...


Go Robin! When you run for POTUS in the USA, the rich guy or general must choose "a" or "b." Just because I've got to "liberalize" the GOP a bit does not mean I can't support a Democrat, especially when I'm pretty sure I know who killed your daddy. And, by the way, why did KSDK television in St. Louis lie about the crash, why did the mighty Post-Dispatch lie (a whole lot), why did the FAA & NTSB lie (per usual), why did my old boss "Mr. Rick" schedule a meeting on the same day as the funeral, why did Acting Governor Roger Wilson stand a few feet away from me with no one around, and why did I not stay the night to see BILL CLINTON, HILLARY GIRL, AL GORE, and TIPPER march down the small town street real up close? An answer I have for only the last one, which was/is I AM TIRED OF PRESIDENT/PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE "close encounters," and I'm not allowed to run. Why not? And, Robin, don't I love California, where I tell these 100% true stories, and they try to argue with me! Kooks! Nuts! Gays! Sociopaths! Ask Jeremiah Jaybird NIXON if I can have my old job back. Quick! Before the CHP pulls over the wrong guy and tries to blame me, if 'ya get what I mean!

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