My Apologies

William the 5 has to face facts. There is no way to publish serious "White Paper" quality material on this blog and run for president. Not with a pack of drifters and clowns following me around. As a local sage said just last night, "Birds of a feather flock together," and so it was with Howard Hughes when he calmly asked, "How much does this hotel cost?" Tell me I can't make president when I'm going to kick intel community collective ass every day--out of RALPH'S CART 729, with no money and an "Advantage" Card. Yet another "inside joke?" [In case societal elites are unaware, this card is a Food Stamp card, which you may need as well when they foreclose on your mansion, the spouse leaves, the dog dies, etc. etc. etc.] What was that first hitman's gift, and when you are me (and wannabe, you are not) the first killer's gift was remembered.

Drumroll, please! Try Confederacy of Dunces, by a guy who was a literary genius, but suicided young, as writers sometimes do. Good book, still sitting in the seized Penske truck, and don't tell me otherwise, Mafia stooge.

May I allege the 01.15.09 Hudson River dunk was a planned stunt? Hey fellow bloggers, I just did! Why? Enter the H-man's world, if you dare:
a) In my original, but very stolen screenplay, Ask Not, Boeing aircraft are taken over remotely. What intel kook exclaimed, "We've got him now! Remote-controlled Hijacking!" Don't know, but as your POTUS, I could sure as hell find out.
b) I then learned, through 100% open source means, there is a chip in the engines of your American-made airliner, where "they" can indeed TURN-OFF THE ENGINES. How about the outside Detroit mid-1990's 737 nose dive? Pilot murder/suicide? Maybe not. Off the coast of Africa, just a few years ago, a 737, 400 Series I do believe, and down they went into the ocean. 200+ Negroes died. Aw, who cares? Right Nazis? This is just from memory, and I'm not Howard's grandson? Get a job, please. I've got my hands full, and thanks for asking, spying, smoking, etc.
c) The airplanes in question are manufactured by Airbus, and I have a question for corrupt .gov types I am going to fire someday:
Q: "Why did Airbus airliners, formerly the safest planes in the sky, start crashing frequently?"
A: "Two reasons. One, I, William Hughes, started watching flight deck video from Airbus aircraft on Airliners.net with a USAF spy in the house, and two, I said in my "bugged" (yes, CLAYTON, MO changed the block numbering to get "9/11" as my address), that I would use an AIRBUS 340 as my campaign plane. Any "good guy" in this man's Air Force knows the crashing began promptly.
d) Let's go to Investor's Business Daily's "Reinhardt Krause,"who on 08.19.2010 reported China is hurredly building big passenger planes, and let's don't talk about their big nuclear missile carrying sub-building program, right president negro? Wag the dog, wag the doggie, as the second half of Obammy whammy looms, post November landslides--for the other party. What did "Tom Boozer," a guy from Kirkland, WA; home to G2 Solutions say? The Boeing/Airbus "duopoly" is "going away." Yeah, just like the gasoline-powered engine, because this is the real owner of the oil-drilling bit, Boeing, Airbus, DirecTV, Cisco, Sun Oil, and much, much, more. TRIVIA Q: "What gasoline did Mr. Hughes buy in St. Louis, before 'they' wrecked both of his cars?" A: "Phillips 66, and the Conoco-Phillips stock symbol is...COP. Yes, The Royal Policeman is here, spittin' King is here, and you're all goin' to prison. So in jail, you are!!!

Bipolar I'm not. An unmedicated Bipolar Affective Disordered U.S. Person put "on the street" for almost two years, with no hospitalizations & no arrests? Impossible! Ask a doctor. Ask a cop. Impossible! But in California, flyin' saucers, E.T. visitation, every kind of drug, and every kind of sex toy & position is of great interest, not just to those who can afford high-class call girls, but the homeless as well. Middle class? What middle class? What did the Bush 41 spygirl say besides, "I have to make sure you're not a terrorist" on Thousand Oaks Boulevard? Try, "You should visit a Third-World country," and Hughes replied, "I'm already in one." I hate being right! Even the senior center's "Mad Mexican" likes me now, so write it in before another Airbus crashes with you onboard. HUGHES FOR GOVERNOR! Yes! (Gotta start somewhere). Grandiose? What did "The Arnold" know about government? Not as much as me, you legalized c---sucker!
e) Who is "AVRAM GOLDSTEIN?" He's my flight instructor from beyond the grave...yes, think Howard, and it sure reads/sounds like him. This, my friends, if I have any, is how I know CAPTAIN CHESLEY BURNETT "SULLY" SULLENBERGER ought to be in prison, not hailed as a hero. First, the intel "Name Game." Parse it out, right Clinton?
CHESLEY = Let's play chess around Hughes all day. Why? You're wasting my time!
BURNETTE = "Burn," the "Dark Side" & Mafia's favorite word.
"SULLY" = Nickname? Try "to make soiled or tarnished; defile" per Mirriam Webster.
SULLENBERGER = A sad burgher? Did you drop out of middle school? Look up "sullen" & "burgher" yourself, idiot.

Will I describe how the stunt was performed? Nah, because I don't want to fly, except to play around in a simulator, but I do want to get elected to something/anything.

I need a job, man.

addendum: How could I forget "number code"/"number kookery" surrounding the event's date? Facts (I think) courtesy of USA Today.
01 = somebody thinks they are #1.
15 = my birthday, and are spies ever crazy about birthdays! (Need I mention again, I do not spy, I'm trying to run for president, but governor of California will do).
09 = Flying saucers! Flying triangles! What will that DARPA budget be? Zero! (0)

Who's goin' to jail? Not me, pal.

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