Clean Sweep

This is supposed to be the humorous blog, but it is just not funny when: 1) It rains for eight (8) straight days in not so sunny Southern California, so I starve & die, because I will no longer "get wet," as an improbable homeless person, and we are not talking "spy talk"; 2) The NASA Nazis, if you can believe this, truncated the files of APOLLO 13 reports, because I am not allowed to write, not "burn," a disc with them on it, and oh don't the spies love that CD "burner?"; 3) The "farmer in the Dell" computer acts kind of funny when you/me have dirt on NASA, and it's right in the reports (Jim McDivitt, I'd watch your back, but he probably already knows this. Brigadier General McDivitt is a former astronaut, I feel compelled to explain to California potheads & tweakers.); 4) Google has added new procedures to get on this blog, but don't panic William V, you and your little blog are not "history" yet (in any sense, right totalitarian space cadets? Right!); 5) Golly, "gravity boys," I really have to pee.

Look at that heap of trash! may I effect a "cleanup," in more ways than one.

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