Block Auditory Nerves! Aye, Aye, Captain!

Was the file name for the above photo really "ilmatto" and then some stupid numbers?
Q: "What is the only store in the humble trillionaire's "Ralph Cart Range" to open after dozens have closed in Thousand Oaks, California? (Something about a recession).
A: "A matress store."

Getting a bit "mobby?"

Is President Negro blocking the claim on what is mine? Does Hughes prefer to watch the Lakers or Clippers? The correct answer is "Clippers," and spies, it does not mean anything, save the fact I like underdogs. Me? Underdog? Mafia(s) with butts bloodied on less than $1,000 in "spare change" over the past 18 months? What if I had the capital? I'm never getting what is rightfully mine? No judicial process whatsoever? Not even a lift to the corrupt policeman's station? "What do you want?" I ask all day long, and get no mafia! mafia! answer. Would you prefer I take the device pictured above and put it in the club up top? BOOM! My Civil War 2.0 was a screenplay, but you kooks want to make it real? UPS--spyin' on me since they got my Social Security Number in 1972.

Who suggested a "summer job" at the big brown turd? My vice president! No wonder Hillary girl is looking better to Darkie #1. May I run with the elepahants and kick their asses?


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