Jane: Only A Jeff Starship Tune

Well, well, well. Jane, Mark Lane, and why do I know way too many people named Turner? "Me Tarzan, girls go to the hoosgow." They don't serve it up on a silver platter, despite the Royal bit; it's more like a plastic tray at your local "Department of Justice Services." Where's KAREN COTTON when I need her? So in jail, they are! TERESA GERDING? Where's that little "I got new teeth by spying on Hughes" slut? Am I violating the GOOGLE service agreement? No! Because these are aliases, and this is not a damn TV show!

D.O.J.....So fired!

[Time of the bureaucratic bloodbath t.b.a. after I am allowed out of Thousand Oaks to campaign for president like a grown-up]

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