Wet Socks to Moon Rocks + Baker Hughes

Care to go for a drive? Better than Hepburn jumping off Howard's wing, I'd say.

Who are all of those foreigners being allowed aboard my Space Shuttle? What are you Nazis doing on that damn ISS? They are nothing like the guy pictured above. I don't own Boeing? Let's go to court and see. Homework? Helicopters "gone" in 1983. Aircraft company "gone" in 1985. Satellites (ouch!) "gone" in 1987. Missiles "gone" in 1997. What's that cloud of red mist? It's another Mafia Man "gone." To paraphrase one of my helpers, "I've got drones and shit." Would you like a missile from the old "Hughes Family of Missiles" up your ass? Excuse me, I'm becoaming "grandiose," as I must get elected president before ordering your worthless, cocaine-peddling hide blown to kingdom come.

The what report? McDivitt? Like when you are not doing so well at...golf? Should I be murdered by a Cuckoo-Bird over the 10/23 & 10/24/2010 weekend, for homeless transgressions like talking to your supposed girlfriend, moving your homeless "stuff," or bucking the seniority program of, "I was [homeless] here first, been nice knowing you," and yes, it is nice knowing my alleged fact there has been no loss of life on the USA's Space Shuttle. Where are the 14 not dead astronauts? On the Master Race International Space Station? Could it maybe fall down like Skylab? Tell John & Karen I will not miss the party celebrating its "de-orbit" this time.

See hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com when I have time to post the details. Meanwhile, may I defecate indoors? May I patronize Starbucks and look as normal as possible?Will you all leave me the f--- alone, or plan on a fabulous "vacation" to Saint Louis, Missouri. Girls, we shall go to the top of the Gateway Arch, and lunch at Cunetto's is eminently affordable. Free brewery tour? I don't drink, but why not try to get trashed on AB's tax write-off?

How are you all watching what I am doing on this "Farmer in the DELL" 755 computer @ 3:08 Pacific Time on 10.23.10? Why does the UPS fax machine date & time my faxes wrong? Why does the Word Press blog post the wrong date & time? Still chasing after time machines and space aliens? "They don't talk too much" is my continual editorial about Thousand Oaks, California. May I fire everyone at the United States Departmen tof Justice (cafeteria workers, maintenance people, & driver's, too) if I "occupy" the White House? May I bomb coca-producing states if I make president? Many, many, questions remain unanswered, like who will dare take me into their home to make the upcoming BAKER HUGHES conference call? Yes, I've got an invitation to my own oil company's tele-meeting. How nice! Al Gore and that hillbilly crook Bill Clinton said we would not have to drive to work anymore. Something about working from home, or "tele-commuting." This thought makes me want my computer with WINDOWS 95 back from "The Mob," as seen on TV, after I tell Baker Hughes, "This is the founder's great-grandson, William Charles Hughes." Will Officer Friendly ever help? Only in MO, I'm afraid. Guuurl, who's driving (fast)?

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