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I don't seem to be out "in the field," learning how these "devices" operate. Instead, I am surrounded by clumsy operators like, "Dave the Drifter," "The Big, Crusty Rodent," "Towel On Head Boy," "Puzzle Boy," etc. etc. etc.

Restore sanity or fear? Let's get it LOU REED straight, baby! Hughes seeks to restore sanity. As for fear, since January of 2001, you'll have to ask the president.
According to D-Man, I suffer from "ideas of reference," I've been doing some coke snorting, and per local tradition, since I do not die for you when poisoned, I am an extra-terrestrial being. What is wrong with Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village? Nothing wrong with me, except per the CYA Gang News Wire (CYAGNW), I am gay, I've commenced dick sucking, instead of writing a book about Dick Nixon, I refer to myself in the third person, a la Bob Dole, and I refuse to launder my dirty soldier boy green sweat pants.
Innocent on all counts, save the Bob Dole rap, and I'm not explaining to dropouts how I am grabbing a young Senator Dole's hatchet and going after you lousy U.S. Navy flunkies & fellow GOP candidates, who seem to have access to suitcase nukes, which you regularly place around me. It is the regularity of this Homeland terror procedure that has me mighty pissed-off. Just get out of your BMW and ask the local gangsters, if you dare.

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