Ready, Set, Go!
"The English lady went home." On WATERGATE? Throw away the key!!!!!
"Tea Room?" I thought Gina worked the diner all day? Right Jon? Right!
"KEMP FORD" is Jack Kemp? "Josh," the onboard computer is a court exhibit, you dumbass!
RALPH'S = No comment! Ask Moon Unit. Flo & Eddie? Whatever.
JO ANN'S (Mother-in-Law)
CVS (Poland water, dear? Oh, just like HH).
CARL'S (Just like at the CORNELL CAMPUS STORE. Where's South Africa Girl?)
EGGS n THINGS (My idea...in 1972).
STARBUCKS (My idea...in 1976).
LESLIE'S POOL SUPPLY (Leslie V., I thought Rich could not do all that in 1986--but yes he did).
ERIC'S (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? How's that satellite phone doing, you jackass?).
TRADER JOE'S (USPS "Mystery Mail" @ 911. Who was "Joe" at Lutheran SS?).
MIMI'S (An Upstate NY .mil murder queen? You tell me, and we'll both know).
STAN'S DONUTS (Wow! His dad had the original AR speakers & red-hot tubes).
ARCO (The Kennedy's own it? Aw c'mon, a bunch of damn drunks? Why did we give it to them?)
FRESH MARKET (Chicken in Chattanooga? Yes, and you're up next on KMOX. Not yet?)
VONS is Safeway? (Not so safe!)

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