#1? How About Some Cold, Hard, Cash?

I like a good United States Intelligence Community head-choppin' video as well as the next guy, but you don't have to leave them by the ditch in which I slept. Or, do you, for some reason that escapes me? Now, it's kitty photos on a CD-R. How dare I think "they" would fail to fill-up the pits (on the CD) so I cannot "burn" NASA on all of their lying regarding U.S. space program "disasters." The photo above was the only non-kitty photo on the disc, and surely it means the space aliens are coming, right Cali-fornia?

That's an old astronaut, from back when we were trying to go somewhere. What's that HUGHES AEROSPACE slogan someone already stole? "Going Places."Airline? What airline? Please don't steal, "Bums Fly Free," or like Disney Corp. I shall be forced to protect it with an "R," or "TM," or a pack of Pit Bulls.

No drug counselor job yet on the local Rabbi's grant money, but at least a kid from the temple flashed the #1 sign.

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