What would you do if you were, at a minimum, probably the Duke of Clarence? Find out if Big Ben would fall down like the WTC Towers? As Jack Benny famously said, "I'm thinking it over."

What is Urban Daddy? What is reality? May I get into a courtroom, absolutely, positively sane, and say, "Yes, they could put the great Pyamids of Egypt in your backyard, but it is not real." And, who are "they?" Who streamed in to the USA after World War II? Nazi rocket scientists who did not behave themselves, now did they? No? See you in court, Paramount, Disney, Universal, MGM, and Sony. Did I leave anyone out? Is the hooking of a shapely leg around the poor male dolt's leg fraught with spy "meaning?" I fear it is, and I don't give a rat's ass, although it happened to me. How? I was thinking about how the "bitch's" I.D. photo did not match the person in front of me. One gin & tonic and I'm an alcoholic? Again?

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