Worth 4,000 Words or So

Tracking A-rab's, are we FBI? May I get elected and fire you all? State Smokies would get a big raise, because I'd be in charge. Unthinkable? May I join SARAH PALIN for a debate after eight (8) years of the USA's "Community Torture Program?" I win! How'd he do that? Don't ask, crazy Vampire and self-anointed E.T. Hunters, and don't ask how I stay dry while California homeless, or I might punch your lights out and call the police authorities, as they are waiting for that overdue dispatch.

Another Five/5/V wave from the rescued Chilean miners. Though it looks like I'm about to die more often than not, I just sleep with the Go-Bell's blanket on me and can only imagine all of the finking that is in progress over my "Murder & Terror" not quite public park & library. When you see me copying-down the "CRPD" history off the wall, it's about time to "Meet Me in St. Louis" @ the federal and state courthouses.

Rhiannon Carter? First name like a song by Bill Clinton's favorite band, the last yet another ex-president. Do I want all former presidents in jail? Yes, but as M. Jagger sang, "You can't always get what you want." With a few trillion bucks/euros? I believe momma said, more than once, "We shall see what we shall see." (Join me on the Kansas City Star's comment blogs as "Willie Tuna." It's free! It's fun!)

Are you kidding me? A King with the same name as an old college buddy, and that Syrian fellow, both pointing. al-Assad (Why does the CIA spell his name differently?...never mind), points straight ahead to the lens, while the King to the RIGHT? And, don't I love that tiny bit of "Thumb's up" from the King's left hand. Come on, Saudi, you can do it, because who owns the drill bit? That would be 100% sane me, the HUGHES TOOL COMPANY founder's great-grandson. Wanna argue? Let's go to court! And, not for my assault upon a way-too-obvious stalker.

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