Green Goose/Redcoats

God save the Queen! God help me without Wikipedia. Hughes Airwest became Republic, and there's a goose on the plane? Mafia! Mafia! You f---ing ass--les! Home? I am now referring to that location as the "place of my birth" (I think). May I open my own movie studio in Nashville? As for Cali-fornia, "I'll be back," and who said that on the Hollyscummyworld screen? Arnold! Is he in jail yet? Not yet?
Best blog piece on this site thus far? "F*** the FAA," posted on 10.06.10. Sorry, though it is my own material, I giggle every time on the "Can you get a damn towtruck out here? These people are pissed" line. Why do aircraft fly over my head all night? They are lost? Computer problems? Weather? Seagulls in the engine? Howard's "mystical" powers? The FAA is mindf---ing me?
A GOP U.S. Senate candidate is unfamiliar with the First Amendment? Hobbes! Locke! Rousseau! Voltaire! Madison! Adams! Smith! Marx! Schumpeter! F---ing Plato, too! How about William IV? They are rolling over in their graves! May I debate someone/anyone? Houston, that's not a problem? Why were they so incognito in Kennebunkport? Would I get out and take a digital photo of the exit sign? No way! Just like the CIA exit. Turn right, you're at Langley. Turn left, and c'mon over to my place. Me? Take a photo of that? I'm still alive, am I not?

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