Why was President Clinton always late? Very late. Once again, I have outwitted dimwitted rodents by not doing what "they" thought I would. My transgression at the Cuckoo-Bird senior center today? I moved a puzzle arduously worked upon by a young man who I am told "hates" me. Really? Why did he act as if retarded, then switch to movie reviewer mode (think Rex Reed) and discuss who directed a new Superman movie. Piss on your Superman movie! Mind rot for the masses, I say! New taunt swarming spies? "This is not a Batman movie!" And, "I am not the Mayor of Gotham City, I'm Howard's grandson!" Before starting my new Word Press blog (hughesforgovernor@wordpress.com, if no hacker wrecked it), let's look at Howard pics; some new to even me, his grandson. Above we see a senate testimony shot I'd never seen. Is Howie sneakily flipping them off? Maybe.

I can read upside-down, and it looks like a congressman was told not to go to Yugoslavia. Anything to do with Howard? Judging by the look on his face, and thousands of Chinese who have come around me for no conversation, I'd say, "Yes."

Don't like my hair? F--- you! Dirty sweats a problem for spyin'/stalkin' nitwits? Too bad, because I went to LCII, and maybe there are LC Lions ready to eat you in a single gulp. Oh, you did not think about that, did you? Boarding school uptight shot? No wonder he did what he did with all of those babes. Girls, I'm about ready for a porno role to get the Mormons&Mafia off the "gay" chatter.
He blew them out of the room, looked like a hero doing it, not goat story reader, and so shall I. Can we find some old microphones like that for one of my many jokes? Thanks.

Mom had the blue & red blazer in the closet at all times. Dad had a trophy like that, and I own Boeing, you don't. Too bad this pic is such a small file size everywhere on Soldier Boy's Internet, because that face is my face.
Speaking of the USA's Pentagon, where did the "signature photo" go that looks just like mine?Here, Mafia handwriting experts, he "dogs it," with strange H's, again separates the "u," and "g," but ah ha! Gotcha good on the "hes"--just like mine, and don't try to steal another notebook, or else. Speaking of which, I blamed Merkel & Co. for the first backpack theft, but how about that journal!! Two Mormon "evangelists" in the Dollar Tree on 2/16/10, and goodbye backpack on 2/17/10. Plenty of Negroes in jail on less. Oh, not to mention the senior center that runs a fake 911 Center. Fake peace officers? From where? Disney? Universal? MGM? Warner Bros? What's up doc? Only in California, and so in jail they are!!! [May I plug "Hughes" as a gubernatorial write-in on 11/02/10? I just did].

"Colorized," eh? I know where my Goose is, but where, pray tell, is TED TURNER hiding?

Wow! Way cool never seeen by the real one pic! Eyes? CHECK. Nose? EXACT. Dimples? Both grannies admired them. Mouth and chin? DITTO--100% MATCH. DNA Test? What are you talking about Obsolete Soldier/Whoring Sailor/Nutcase Airman/Trigger-Happy Marine? Lunatics! Crazies! Everywhere! Want a job? Some around me have admittedly caught "big payroll fever," as I just might hire you. Been in the joint? No problem, as with HH, but you must behave by societal norms, or, as "The Donald" says, "You're fired!"

No goggles; lead me to the simulator.
Q & A time!
Q: "Mr. Hughes, how may times have you been ouside the United States?"
A: "Once."
Q: "What did the BOEING 707 Captain who sat behind you with the passengers say right before landing at GATWICK?"
A: "Look out the left side [my side, middle seat] of the aircraft. There's SHANNON, IRELAND."
Q: "Do you believe he flew out of his way?"
A: "Yes, he had to."
Q. "Where did your LOCKHEED L-1011 refuel on the way home?"
A: "Gander, Newfoundland."
Q: "Where are the two 'ditch points' if NASA's Space Shuttle screws-up (again)?"
Q: "Why do you think people envy you?"
A: "I don't know, they must be crazy."
As with the "trophy photo," he looks just like me. Did I mention that aircraft pictured is a Boeing race plane and I OWN BOEING. I thought I had noted this fact. Where are you, Oshgosh? need a little help out here!These people are so nuts, I don't know what to call it, and I know the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual inside-out."Community-wide pandemic psychosis? Works for me. How about you, Department of Homeland Security?

My favorite photo of grandpa. Why?
a) He's not flying the plane, as we can see Mr. Big Shot has a pilot @ left.
b)He looks "bummed-out" from people giving him crap, and the tradition continues, right Ben&Ken&DTSDrifter?
c) He's looking off to the left, like "Who's trying to 'get me' now?" [Been there, doing that since 2002, right Bush?]
d) Forget the face, his body is just like mine. Trivia: HRH = 6'4"; CEH = 6'2"; WCH = 6'1/2". It's those damn Irish & Austrian genes that made me shorter, right Arnold? Right Barack?
How do you get the President of the United States "Mirandaized? Stay tuned.....

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