Obscenity! Depravity!

Trying to shoot my stuff down by copying rocket science off others? BRAVO!!!

Did you say "authoritarian," Nobel Committee? May I put my Viking costume on and storm the White House? How about an on the tank routine like hard-drinkin' BORIS YELTSIN? When Mr. Hughes says, all day long, he's "Sick of this crap," he/me means it. Afghanistan going Tallyban? Too bad. Pakistan "throwing-in" with the Tallyban? So sad. Right, Hillary? And BTW, who killed VINCE FOSTER? (That ought to shut her up).

Do you believe in Bond-movie stereotypes made real, like Russians wrecking your car(s), U.S. Soldier Boys dropping-off some of the women Chairman Mao said could be infiltrated and take over the USA, plus School of the Americas trained spygirl assassins who are so good at rotten business, they field & toss softballs like a girl? Not real? Get real!!!

I'm wrong about the China girls? How about Babe #1, nicknamed "The Gold Aviator Sunglasses Girl" in 2005 as she passed going south on Leeland in University City, Missouri as I made a left turn onto westbound Delmar? Can't beat that memory, "Diana Tuna" of Lutheran SS! So, big spyin' kindergartners, what was the same woman doing out back [or is it the front?] of the Thousand Oaks, California, maybe it's a private library, or is it a public library, in 2009? On the park bench she was, in the park I now strongly suspect I am partly paying for [CPRP/CRPD...get the joke, spies?] She was there because the "surveillance gods" heard me say, "Damn! Didn't get to see her body!" There it was, poured into some tight jeans, and this ain't no movie, Maoists!

Where's my 1,400 rock, jazz, classical, and a bit of country long-playing records? Freudian, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Family Systems Therapy books? How about political books, including the $1.00 minus Cornell bookstore employee discount = .80 cents for a Peking printing "Little Red Book?" Where? Oh, I know where it all is, but the LA cops are likely as "brain-jacked" as your average drone I call a "hypnotized automaton." Once I/we get into the realm of "extra-perceptual creatures," whoa doggies, do not adjust the horizontal or the vertical.

Fake UFO's? Cali-fornia's got them! China's got them! Duh...any "Vampire bites" or "E.T. abduction" blood transfusion marks lately? Do I have to write a piece on what's really going on at the International Space Station? Just looked-up the new Soyuz on Soldier Boy's Internet, and that's not what is parked up there at the ISS in the photo old Watergate Spooks bestowed upon me. Taking over the world, are you?

NOT SO FAST!!! A Hughes Administration? Did I not already tell you?
"Good morning, NASA."
"This is the president. Lock the doors."

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