Serious Stuff

Hey! Trying to get Weezer to quit? Knock it off, I used to like that band, before mafia/mafia decided to store my stuff and make me houseless/homeless.

HRH Sr.: Murdered.
HRH Jr.: Big House, No Home. [Once again, mafia/mafia (or is it .gov?) makes the "no" caps]
CEH: Had a Home, No House. [A "pile of bricks," he called it. What kind of nation holds a Royal in illegal, community-wide detention, and he does not even know if an elderly parent is alive or dead? Oh, CHP would tell me? No way! When does the counter-revolution start? I won't be tardy.
WCH: No House, No Home. [Don't feel sorry for me. I've got lots of friends all over the world, just none in your Vandenberg Cuckoo-World, e.g. "resistance is futile." Not when I legally get the "clanker-box" you creepy motherf---ers. What did the judge and her entourage say back home in 2007 when she saw me going into the Sheriff's office? "Looks like he's getting serious about it." What did she mean by "it," dumb ass, rich boy spy? Oh Marine Face, should the worst fears of fervent religious kooks come true, all Calvinist Ayatollahs know it will be only one performance of Hail to the Chief. Me? Regal? No, but I'll sure kick your assses but good.
Have a nice day, partially artificial life forms, and this ain't no movie.

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