Pens, Pens, and More Pens: Got a Dollar? How About a Euro?

Space Aliens shut down missilie silos? Were they sent by the GAO? (that's a political joke, son)

This was to be the second pic, but it "disappeared," just like downloads of RAF reports on <gasp> UFO's were blocked. Could you grow up? Get a job? I'm running for president, you little turd. What are all of the UFO sightings and testimonials of late about? KEEP HUGHES FROM HIS CASH. THAT'S IT...THAT'S ALL. And, how long have I been waiting for the "Space Alien and Sedition Act of 2011?" Maybe O-BAM-A is an E.T., and a "cover-up" has been effected, because I can't figure out how his black ass got there, but join me on the "other blog" as I defend him (again), because I am <gasp> honest and fair. What did the retired police officer say about my intent to run for president and be honest all of the time? ""You're gonna get your ass killed." Maybe; that's where I/we cry out, "Oil of Olay!"

So, per Yahoo! the Nazi-infested Secret Service almost shot LBJ right after they shot JFK. Interesting, but irrelevant. When did I look at a grainy Dealey Plaza photo? <your cough, cough does not help, sir. Only money helps run for political office> 2006? 2007? Are you all nuts? Hypnotized? Under what I call "External Locus of Control? If I had an inclination to be scared, I would be, because this is not a movie. What was the Dean's name? Delaney! Uh, huh. And, what did I do? Head the student government? He can't do that! Numb a hyperlink! Hack Windows XP to bits! Close the Microsoft window prematurely! Get in a time machine? Numbnuts, it was 1976-1977, and you can't change it, but you probably stole the gold plaque on the other Commander in Classrooms job of <gasp> president!? Of what? He can't do that! Stop him! Stop him! Again, dummy, it was 1972-1973. Furry Freudian animal kids, when do I find out who had a bad hangover and called-in "sick" on Kennedy's Secret Service detail? I've got to get elected to what? Transition Period? There would be none--not one word until I'm in charge, and baby, then the shit would fly.

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