Where's My Plane?

Oh, for the glory days of NSA gear hooked-up to my AT&T 710 to make sure it was me. Did not my sister say, "That's an old phone." My reply? Yeah, but you can hear a pin drop on the other end." God save New Hampshire! Don't you all know it was the VERIZON MAN who showed when AT&T absolutely would not. Must have been that address of "30."I used to train the AT&T guys" my friendly Verizon man said, before we discussed [REDACTED BY MI-6 GAYBOYS]

What? Diamond-hunting in a used Boeing 727? It flew off the coast of Africa and "disappeared?" Could that be the same aircraft that really, really, almost ripped apart with me on it?Thunderhead going up, severe wind shear going down. And, a round of applause from the more experienced fliers upon first sound of tires-on-runway. Me? I know what ancient hydraulics sound like, cables creaking, airframe bolts popping, etc. I'm lying? What # was on the tail? What was the registration #? Where is CARL ICHAN? May my bodyguards fight with your bodyguards someday?

Meanwhile, have a nice day.

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