"Highly Mobby"

Is that my man checking it out? Let me guess. He quit our valiant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in late 2004, during the great purge. He drove around in his camper and someone else received his red, white, and blue envelope. He waited. He knows that eventually, if Hughes cannot get from Thousand Oaks, California to Saint Louis Missouri soon, all of the suspicious packages in Yemen cannot forestall the inevitable.

"Let's go live to the White House, where a man who was shouting obscenities has been detained after hopping the fence. Burt, what can you tell us?"

"Lance, it's a man in his 50's, with long hair and a black jacket, who went over the gate at about 6 a.m. this morning shouting about a "Bloom." We don't know if that's a reference to a flower, or not. The man was also hostile to the president, but a witness walking his dog said he screamed that he was not after president Obama, it was this "bloom," what ever that means."

"Kinda crazy, isn't it Burt?"

"Well, there's a long and storied history of White House gate jumpers, and typically some type of mental illness is involved."

"Thanks for the update. Later, we'll be talking to John Travolta and Miley Cyrus about statutory rape law in California."

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