Carter's Pills

That's the best "5 Wave" yet, because I knew he wasn't that sick, just more Obammy-Pammy psy-op. I've dealt with this crap since 1974, so I can damn well Executive Order it out of existence someday. True Story: I watched Carter campaign in, of all places, East Saint Louis, Illinois on the last day he had left in November, 1980. "No, no, Reagan just can't win," I muttered. "C'mon, Jimmy!" Then, I was stared at (a whole lot) in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, as Ronnie was nauseatingly eulogized for way too long. Found unclassified evidence he tried to you-know-what, to you-know-who, and file "gone," thanks to Soldier Boy. They'll kill you both, stupid spies not worth a warm bucket of WILLIAM IV spit.
May I do my O-BAM-A impression to pass the homeless time? Here he is:

"I'm an experienced operative, but Hughes is a true six. We must use all of the community's resources to bring him in from the cold. He's like Bush...so stubborn. Keep me posted on my Blackberry as I wreck our economy for the entire monopoly capitalist world. Free gasoline...I promised it to the whole South Side, and I shall deliver."

Wow! How about 72 hours for the president? And, I'm not any damn "Remote Viewer."

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