May I go home to the UK and tear up a pub? Good God, I don't even drink, but I'd like to! Got a problem with that? Hey putz, you talkin' to me?

On Saturday, September 4th, I arrived at the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER to find there had been a verbal dispute in the Computer Lab involving B.D. and a man who has variously introduced himself as "Ken, "Nick," and "Kent." This man, Ken/Nick/Kent will not give me his last name, but has, per the report of others, accused me in sign language of being mentally disordered.He has also told me to "Shut up" in the Computer Lab, when it is not my intention to hold discussions there. However, if a lab user asks me a question, on how to use a computer, I will offer assistance. Often B.D. asks me how to spell words, and I respond.

Other than those scenarios, I would prefer to be silent in the Computer lab, although I understand it is not a library "Quiet Room." So, if other users wish to have discussions around me, I have no objection, as long as the content is not hostile, include sexual proclivities, drug use, etc. etc. etc.

As I mentioned not long ago, such discussion, while not necessarily offensive to me, needs to be conducted outside.I would be surprised if you felt the need to post "Rules of Conduct" in the lab, given we are generally 50 years of age or older, and the "target population for the Agency of Aging, I know from my extensive state bureaucrat experience, is 60+ years of age.

Do you suppose the Lab regulars could kindly stop behaving like grade school kids? I am there to e-mail, blog, and attempt to sell my intellectual property. That is all.

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