"What You Got Holds Water"

It is apparent to me I am not supposed to be alive, I am not supposed to recover HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, or HUGHES TOOL COMPANY, which includes my nifty oil-drilling bit, which would explain the "bit" about going to college with Saudis & Afghanistan guys. Iran? They've checked-in, and wouldn't you figure, with me that Hughes, and the CIA f---ing around over there since 1954. I owe them $3.00, to continue with FULL DISCLOSURE.
Royals? No, not the Kansas City Royals, the one from Kabul, the one from Saigon, but we lost the war and they renamed that town, didn't they? How about the Swedish Royal, the Danish Royal, the suspected DeBeers "diamond girl," and 1960's CIA LSD burnouts, I am not talking about Seals & Croft, I am a big dog, and you are not. Spill my coffee? Get a life, don't put on a deaf act, and I encourage all "T.O" rich kids to mind your own business before I am thundering it in front of a lot of people.
Yeah, it's another slogan, and don't steal it. Mind your own business!!! Did you read Brave New World? 1984? Oh, you are a drug-crazed Cali-fornia idiot? Can't help you, but I'm trying, until I get murdered, right "Cocaine cartel protectin' coppers?" (My term of endearment for the local force). How about CHP? Oh, they are the "Secret Police in Black & White cars." But, they used to pull 'em over in front of my shoppin' cart like this:
W: "I'll get out of your way."
CHP: "Thanks."
Why did my stock go down? May I work for the vc.ca court?

SOUND: A KNOCK at the door.

Hi, I'm William Hughes, I'm from the court, and I'll be your case wor...

SOUND: A series of GUNSHOTS.

Get it, Cuckoo-Birds? It is called never-ending "psy-op." Yahoo! No way there will be any hughesforpresident2012@yahoo.com-ing tonight, because hackers are perched like rodents, and I've got a humdinger of an e-mail ready to go out to the media, for them to be mind controlled and ignore. That said, the Great Frank One knew I was in Mr. FAWCETT'S van, his name was "Joe," and I did indeed tape a rock band in the garage. Coincidence? Girls, when you have thousands of them, the court finds in your favor, absent "smoking guns."Look out stupid spies, because I am quite sure John the mailman wants to remaster those tapes.

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