Going Viral

A Dollar Store full of vile thugs, and what did that girl with a fine [REDACTED BY CRAZY CHRISTIANS] say to me? "Weenie!" Then, she later put a bottle of wine next to me, said "Keep an eye on this," and proceeded to give some local punks a dissertation on the county jail, state pens she has known, and Federal accommodations for bad guys. Who was that girl? Efficiency apartment in Simi? No boyfriend? I know at least one Simi Valley bus driver is cool, but do I look like a spy? Thanks. May I run for president now? How about write-in "HUGHES" for Cali-fornia governor? Can I get this HUGHES TOOL COMPANY/HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY thing to "go viral?" What did you say? I've gone deaf from listening to your rather obvious spyin' bulls--t.

"...a brilliant career in the world of fashion and show business," says Pravda. For a caught spy? I can't do that, even though I catch 'em all day long, because Hillary will come after me with her rolling pin, President Negro will have some FBI who flunked their exams and got promoted anyway pester me, and so forth. At least regarding my buddies at you-know-where, a helper in the loop said, "Aw don't bother them, they already know about it."

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