Kept Off The Screen Since 1998: It's Coming At Last!

The Outlaw Blimp. May I shoot down the Fuji Blimp if it returns? Just wondering.

This is not Howard out here, and yes, I admit having said it in the sack (not nearly as often), and yes, there was a guy taking photos in 1986, but I was "busy," and yes, I shall direct the question to all old movie moneybags--"Do I have to do all of the work?" May I borrow a Chinese fighter jet? Thanks. Do you believe I've already found a HUGHES SCREENPLAY #9, we're goin' to Argentina with your money, digging up the jungle in Ecuador with your money, blowing stuff up with your money, spending nine figures of your money, CIA Station Chief Woman on the street, not at some talent agency?
Did your dossier note I worked construction? i.e. "What's he doing sitting around the trailer with those girls? Send some NYU types down there! We're not paying any more of these bills! He was nuts when we sent him down there! He's nuttier now, godamnit! What's he building down there? What? His cell phone went dead? She didn't come back, either? Hughes has gone native! Get some new Jewboy down there to bring him back! Jesus, get my attorney on the phone! I could lose my job over this kind of shit!"
Shut up, please. I'm not nuts like Col. Walter E. Kurtz, and you are so f---ing crazy, you don't know you are mentally ill. As often discussed by any competent mental health professional, "we" know the nuttiest walk untethered, uncaged, but my prison is supposed to be a stupid-assed California community? Again, are you nuts? I'm not, sir/ma'am, and the lawsuit defendant list just keeps on growing. Wanna get famous? F--- with Mr. Hughes.
That said, may I ask, "Does anything ever change?" Certainly not my DNA, 'ya big, stupid, thug. Not to be rude, but what was in the air conditioner in Room 107 of the TRAVELODGE in Colinga, CA? And, let's not talk about Room 228 in New-bury, agreed? Not yet, anyway. Don't want to "disappear?" Better send that Facsimile to the front desk. I'm sure there has not even been a lackluster investigation on the federal level, so does that mean I am giving the California Hughes Patrol (CHP) a raise if I make president? Unfortunate that would be, but then again, they don't bother me, even when I am near a traffic stop where they pull-over frightened "Hispanics," which is a gov'ment made-up term, and I've discussed it with a nice and very knowledgeable lady from down there, like a real candidate for president should.
What was that number? 5.9% Asian? Who are you trying to fool? Can I go to the Great Wall, like somebody implied I would? No? Are you trying to get us all killed?
No screenplay sales after 09/30/2010. Three books a comin', should the Hollywood cash register ring "NO SALE," so if a dozen literary agents and two publishers did not like "almost" publishing Shame of the Sane, and I have truly very nearly been murdered over the distinctly no classified information accessed Gangster Nation (since when is public library content risky?), an uncountable number of times, you'd better run for cover, because black helicopters will be coming for you--no Coast to Coast A.M. delusional content. I'd try Congo or Uganda, but don't bring Traveler's Cheques. They'll want cash.

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