Our Lady of the Black Tee Shirt

Hey, military-today.com, what's that off the coast of San Diego? May I make a movie now? Thanks, you kooks!
...seems I was writing about one of my early "campaign appearances" in a Catholic church, when I was rudely interrupted somehow...can't remember how...must be early Alzheimer's...or Martian attack.

No "boners" at the dinner table, as Mr. Hughes shifted into IOWA/NEW HAMPSHIRE MODE, asking the kids about their eating habits, yet despite being told to clean their plate, as suspected spoiled Navy officer brats, they dumped half of their dinner in the trash right in front of the "Homeless Candidate." Yes, I covered schooling, which kid tended to beat-up which kid, and wouldn't you know it, a sister was picking on her little brother. It was yet another of what I call a, "Media Event With No Media," however all was not sourpuss, as a fellow I call the "little man," who is likely really from a .gov agency of some kind, shot past pumping his fist, and unfortunately, that's all of the "Attaboy" I get out here in KookLAland for shouldering all of your grief.

Please, don't say it's a cross, and don't backtalk me, because it is political Popeye time, and my POP is not a gun, it's the metaphorical spinach can, because I have had enough of your spying & lying crap. Education vouchers are now "thumbs up" in the Hughes camp. Why? Your CA kids have never heard of Shakespeare, because you do not teach it, and a Mars landing, 1976? This is news to them, and as for several LEM on the moon, Buzz & Neil, etc. I might as well be claiming I own DIRECT TV, because I do. Dumb as rocks, in rehab before my buddies dared to smoke cigs (because mom & dad gave them the cocaine or heroin), and you proposition-happy nutcases sure spend a lot on education, because you have to, right Sacramento?

Don't argue with the "Street-Level Candidate," and guess what? Some of those kids of yours are trying to do better, and as with all human services in the rotten State of California, they don't seem to get much help. Oh Lord! I know what you're doing, and it's very simply no damn good.

Did somebody say, about 6 months ago, there was a "new homeless program" named FSB? So ridiculous, I said nothing. What did you say, idiot? I can't hear you.

11019/6411/911/30/2200/homeless...hut! hut! hut!

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