Drugs, Drugs, Drugs...

Is our first black president as tricky as the Harry pictured above? Has he resigned yet? Do I have to post "Central Intake?" I suppose so. Is there any law that aids me in the USA? Not yet? He's not out of there yet? Stay tuned for some tacky, "How Obama tried to kill me" stuff. I have no choice in the matter.


I can take a cheap shot, too, given that according to some, I am perpetually trying to: a) Assassinate the President of the United States; b) Take over the world (from the Illuminati, whatever that is); c) Sell drugs (LSD Labs, Pot Farms, plus cocaine! cocaine! cocaine! (And, don't forget the "meth," "crank," "crystal," if you are poor); d) Riding around the galaxy with E.T. (It's a Roswell thing).

Hey! What if I am not doing any of that? May I run for president now? No? What does "HP Spylady" & "Gov. Moonbeam" think of my nascent write-in campaign? Really? Aw, who gives a rat's ass? How about some mud-slinging?

BARRY MC CAFFREY "spent time in Mexico."
BARRY MC CAFFREY wrote a report about "criminal drug cartels" that are "overwhelm[ing] and establish[ing] control over broad regions of northern Mexico."
BARRY MC CAFFREY stated border security "cuts both ways."
BARRY MC CAFFREY reported 90% of the weapons used by drug cartels are smuggled from the U.S. into Mexico, and (gasp!) Mexico has "strict gun laws."
BARRY MC CAFFREY said Drugboy/Thugboy guns are purchased "from licensed gun dealers" in TEXAS, ARIZONA, and CALI-FORNIA!
BARRY MC CAFFREY is concerned Ak-47's are "bought by the crateful" and illegally brought into Mexico (Mother of Pearl! What can be done?) And, these guns, guns, guns (good Guess Who song--more damn Canadians) are "unopened automatic military weapons." (Like Osama had? Holy smokes, Batgirl!)
BARRY MC CAFFREY said seizures of stuff I'm about to try and buy on credit (joking? What's under my control? Nothing!) like hand grenades & rocket propelled grenades are "at the level of battlefield seizures." (Where are my father's photographs? My mother's letters? My grandfather Howard's Romaine Files? My scratched-up rock albums? Too bad I know, so we can all stare at one another at the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER forever). At least I could go see my Spruce Goose if I had a "Mafia Ride," because it is not too far. (Whre are my wrecked automobiles, Officer Not-So-Friendly?) Why bother? I can see my big airplane later, given I am not too far from unleashing dozens of federal lawsuits and smoking cigars with a female U.S. Attorney in MO who might actually help, as opposed to this Cali-fornia mess. Ding-Dongs, I think even Judge Limbaugh (Yes, brother of Rush) would say, "Forget the $5.00 pauper fee, Hughes, and keep 'em comin'.
BARRY MC CAFFERY said it's hard to figure the "serious indifference and incompetence of U.S. authorities."
They're what?
Guilty of a "callous disregard for a national security threat."
He spent time in Mexico?
He's an adjunct professor at West Point?
He was Clinton's "Drug Czar?"
Are they still running coke through MENA, ARKANSAS?
Nice try, Commie/Nazi hackers.....
What is Barry doing?
  • Helping ARMY MAN run drugs.
  • "Coordinating" the drug-running at West Point.
  • Making good money as a "consultant" lying about it.

No? Let's get together on the telly, so we can rock, not roll.

Don't 'ya love a heated discussion of the USA's Drug Policy, Barry?

Did you get that E.O. boys? WEST POINT is closed--because I would write it, sign it, and that's the way it works, obsolete, drug-running Soldier Boys. Look out, .mil, because when I get on the stump, your welfare program--biggest in human history--is over.

Source: Government Executive, February, 2009

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