What Did You Say? Part II

Dead girl in Iraq? Why does she look like.....never mind. As Todd sang in 1989, "What is real, and what is not real? "Flyin' saucers! Flyin' triangles! What does that mean? DARPA Budget = 0. Goose egg, like the Spruce Goose. What did I start saying in, oh, about late 2004 when George W. Bush visited Green Bay, WI? "Watch where they go, don't listen to what they say." Massachusetts? Ten day vacation? And I found out via a discarded Investor's Business Daily?May I send an e-mail today? may I be permitted to facsimile tomorrow? May I borrow a buck until Tuesday?--screw the cheeseburger, as spies have gotten enough mileage out of that stupid metaphor. Why is Obama in Massachusetts? Please, don't ask, and I won't tell.

Cough, cough, cough, "KOVAL." Cough, cough, cough, "KAUFMAN." What's on the agenda, as Hughes gets limited as a "spammer" on msn.com, google.com keeps adding contraptions & stipulations, but still puts up the boggy-woggy, and could you pile up chairs in front of the door one more time, so I can really call the Fire Marshal? Oh, Arnold put him out on layoff? HUGHES FOR GOVERNOR AS A WRITE-IN!!!!! Got referenda? Got write-in, right?

I registered with the Sacramento Bee, and I'm asking their reporters what happened to GARY WEBB. Rude? You bet! What was he doing next to me on Connecticuit Avenue in our nation's capital, very much not dead? He shot himself TWICE with his daddy's old revolver style .38 cop gun? I don't know guns, but I know you can't do that! Did the CA Medical Examiner take any beyond the paygrade "vacations" after that one?

Settle down William, and tell them your favorite movies, because given all of my possessions were subjected to a Mafia "disappearing act" (and reappearing soon, right boys?), it has become apparent to me that spies want to know things. Know I'm taking hostages if I leave California without a movie deal, and I'd be glad to discuss my plans with the coppers. (Sheriff, may I borrow your shotgun? Thanks.)


Let's do the cheap-o CIA Psychologist bit, shall we? Obviosly, Hughes likes "Network" because he thinks it is about him, given the crazy character is named "Howard." No, I contend the movie is a 10th birthday present for a spy who is just like the FAYE DUNAWAY character. Don't mess with her, boys! On "Nashville," he's trying to be cool & Hollywood hip. We all admire the late ROBERT ALTMAN. Aw, get a life! "Fail Safe" surely indicates he wants to take over the world. Initiate appropriate executive action. How often do I have to tell you we Catholics are correct. There is a hell, and Satan is waiting! The admiration for "It's a Wonderful Life" is clearly a trick. He's such a skilled sociopath, that's merely cover for his plans to overthrow our wise and just leader, BARACK OBAMA. May I go out on the patio and curse now? Oh, I'll wait until there are no more hypnotized Stepford automatons out there. "Alien." Dear God, this is a matter of the highest National Security concern. If Hughes is in contact with E.T.'s, he could disable all of our high-priced .mil toys, as in his screenplay "The Rainbow Rebellion." This man is the Unibomber times ten, but we can't touch him, because he does that Dudley Do Right act. So frustrating! No, you moron, it is "frustrating" to not be writing a film journal piece on how Alien changed our view of sci-fi, space travel, women, and Holy Toledo, wasn't it a scary critter in that movie! Is Weaver single? No?

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