Roman Numerals

ANDREA I & II; JUSTIN I-V; LITTLE BRAT I & II; RACHEL I & II.....where is the president on vacation? Oil of Olay, away!!!

From the diary "they" did not steal, only a VONS bannna nut muffin went missing, whatever that means to spies:

9:42 a.m.
The MILDLY RETARDED BINGO LADY is here for "Wheel of Fortune," ALAN is talking about BARNES & NOBLE, a STEPHEN KING novel named Cell is on the puzzle table that serves as my desk, I spilled my first cup of instant coffee in the microwave, cleaned-out the damn thing throroughly, BEN reported KEN is spying on him in the Computer Lab, the VEGAS DRIFTER is trying to be sociable and talking loud about nothing when he is supposedly deaf, "they" left a few copies of Investor's Business Daily that I snatched, I intend to look at the blogs of crazy people who are not at risk of being murdered and/or losing trillions, as an old lady just alleged VERIZON is "tapping" her phone, someone yelled "Okay, that was all a lie!" and.....just another day in "T.O." exile.

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