Unpitched Tent Productions

Now I find there was a LAVELLE AIRCRAFT COMPANY, too? Do you all see why I might rather make Fooled Again instead of Immaculate? Never mind the latter might net 200-300 million conservatively. I guess y'all don't like money.

Was it the 410 or 405 where the GOODYEAR BLIMP sat on it's tail for H-man? Don't believe me? Yes, it looked like a big erection, and don't those pilots--even the blimp driver--know many things. Oshkosh? Are you kidding...they are always trying to get me killed, but who are "they?"
To LLC or not to LLC; that is the question. No, the question is, "Do I get to make a motion picture despite being totally surrounded by hardheaded Mafia(s)?" And, as a tip for future filmmakers, I'd recommend against running for president on promises of righting the economy and abolishing secret police & their spyin' kangaroo court. It just makes .gov & .mil types ignore your plight even more, which might be a good thing, skeletons in the closet or not.
Q: "Mr. Hughes, if you were elected, would you keep Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano?"
A: "Probably not. Next question, please."

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