A signed movie deal by 09.30.10, or Mr. Hughes, never famous movie director, is down the road to St. Louis, Missouri. Is this an illegal detention out here? Yes, it is, but if the pay were better I might not mind. To the much hated diary:

7:32 p.m.
NUTSO FINALE to Computer Lab Follies today, as YAHOO time stamps are way wrong, but when Hughes mutters the "f-word," nutcase redheads who never worked at Hughes Aircraft or Raytheon one day get upset, as does the worst local stalker who wants me to shut up. Fair enough, so I immediately "copped a plea" with the man who kindly installed Internet Explorer #8 to appease the GOOGLE-MAFIA, and then, don't you know Internet Explorer #6 still works fine. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Google's bluff on Explorer (08.31.10) was just that, whereas if I don't get a movie deal by 09.30.10, I will be forced to just run for president, and crooks don't want that, because the Apache & Blackhawk flying guys I call "jutjaws," will have the rotors turning, and they shall be looking at little devices, and ask each other, "Is he sworn-in yet?" Ladies and gentlemen, should that happen, can you hear the roar of the 100% legal black helicopters, and I encourage you to consider the fact they might be coming for you.

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