These Guys Are Dead, I'm Not

Did Blackwater really cause Congress to pass a law to cover a "loophole" allowing for the private sector to kill A-rabs at will? Wow! Don't dare call me names, Senator!

glad I goofed [by hitting the "publish" button in error]...there's your preview. Time to get serious.

Yes, with no time to spare, I looked at the blogging of others who are not running for president, and I could see why. They'd never make it, but I might. Get real! Real fast!

Oh, those spooks! So quick! Always in a hurry they are! Was it not three years ago or so I said to myself and the buggie wuggies, "The spy! I know her well. The Soldier Boy; I've come to know him. The policeman! Oh, the policeman; do I ever know this guy!" But, how about that "Big Lawman?" I thought I did not know this critter. What? "Know thyself?" Oh, I see, I'm a Royal. Wowie Zowie, as the late, great Frank Zappa said more than once, I am the big lawman!!! Always wondered why my arms are so long. Baseball? Did you say baseball? I'm pissed! "The Journeyman Reliever" who never was. Want an outraged piece about the war(s)?

Sorry, it is almost time for "Computer Class," so you'll have to wait. And, that includes the Department of Justice I swear I'm going to fire. Every one of you pieces of s---, OUT THE DOOR. Yes, the nice Marine will inform you your passcode has been changed. Yeah,, you, Mr./Ms. Big Shot, you will be fired, pink-slipped, laid off, GONE.

No? I can't run, when the grade school nuns told me anybody could? Wanna make HUGHES SCREENPLAY #7 real? Don't blame me. I am merely "Just another homeless dude."

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