Dance Fever

Let's tell middle-aged intel stories. No .mil or .gov will be allowed on the premises. Early for the movie? Why not browse at K-MART?I had a j0b, once upon a time, and as I recall it was black, not LEVI'S, but almost as good as Levi's pants I was looking at when the spygirl said, "We'd better get going." How dumb do you big asses think I am? When I looked at my watch and saw it was still some time until movie time, I knew it's always "showtime" with certain persons. At the checkout, I'm thinking "Who's the threat?" Spooks, spooks, and more spooks. Who needs 'em? M&M's with Almonds in hand, soda/pop in reused plastic bottles from BURGER KING, we saw a...what? Vampire movie? My review? Too long, yeah, the guy's a hunk, still dream of what's her name, (she's British), and the gay vampire? He was the entertainment for H-man. Mormons, is that supposed to be me? Who was "WILLIAM GAY?" Would you like to keep your tax-exempt status? Think it over, while you still have time. Oh, Army Man to the north @ 911? Air Force Man & Wife to the south @ 911? Navy Man & "law students" to the west @ 30? Army Man upstairs @ 30? Dead Chinese children? "Thrill Kill Cult" out back? I'm wrong? I'm crazy? "They" have MIRV'ed missiles, too, Ding-Dong. Dragged the Merrimack River yet? Not yet? You'd better, .gov nutcase.

May I make a movie now, or do I have to GOOgle a search term...like "Black Money?"This really heated-up the same year Mailer published Tough Guys Don't Dance, possibly because I'm so damn important, and I don't dance. Just don't like it; is that okay with you? However, dancing with spygirls is apparently very meaningful to the "Dark Side" of spying, so here are the first names, and last (alias) name initial, of the "girls," as Howard called them, in chronological order.

ERIN S. [1976]
ANN C. [1977]
GAYLE M. [1980]
KELLY B. [1988]
DONNA A. (*) [2002]
PAMELA B. [2004]

(*) Donna is being awarded a dance, although it was only my arm being pulled on, and no trip to the dance floor. If I could have a "do-over," I would have done it, knowing what I know now, so it counts. This is to, in part, instruct CA spyin' morons on how I AM THE BOSS, and to my two-year dismay, you are apparently overly worried about E.T.'s, witches/warlocks, and misc. "New Age" crap. Want "time travel" stories? You'll get them, but not on a ridicule-ready, "He's crazy PRN" blog. This disclosure will be made in detail as soon as I figure out what MIKE MEYERS MOVIE-WORTHY KOOK would pull that on me. FACTS--you Nazi, Commie, & Anarchist spies hate them:
I have a suspected, and an absolutely confirmed time event in my sorry life. The without a doubt experience was in 2008, and the suspected one 1986. If somebody could do that in '86, my 2010 joke is, "I don't want to know what you Bildeberger/Vandeberger/Doodleburger types have now." Let's give you a preview of the 2008 proof.

1> Check-out date.

2> Check-in date.
3> Cab driver's paper receipt.
4> Credit card records, once recovered from you-know-who.
5> Many "aviator sunglasses on indoors" idiots, who I now allege were U.S. ARMY dolts. ($)
6> Date on computer.
7> Date on newspaper.

8> Many firemen @ HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS, Camarillo, CA

9> Many firemen @ AMERICA'S BEST VALUE, Thousand Oaks, CA
10> Thug fireman's stupid remark, with witnesses: "Tony didn't get it at first, either."

($) The UNITED STATES AIR FORCE is plenty crazy, but not stupid enough to show their spying asses that often over my, "It's not the government" life. It was the government, stupid. Don't ask me why I yell something in a "bugged" hotel room, and ROBERT GATES does what I said to do later. It's a Hughes thing, and you are not me.

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