Power & Privilege (not)

"Gotta go, gotta go," I said. Can't go back in time, Cuckoo-Birds, but I wish I could, knowing what I know now.

Build an oil refinery in Mexico? Capital idea! Tom-Tom Club rocks! Who do I bribe? No way, because this ain't Howard, Holder hasn't handed-over my file yet, and said, "We've got nothin'," so consequently, for trying to create some j-o-b-s, stem the tide of illegal immigration, raise the standard of living south of our border, get some freakin' o-i-l refined and to your hungry Hummer, etc. etc. etc. I'd be so in jail! Does this make sense? You decide.....and don't forget to write-in H-U-G-H-E-S on that Cali-fornia ballot. Don't let them tell you "No." It's their favorite word (even when it's easy to say "Yes").
"...people with power that they think is justified break rules not only because they can get away with it, but also because they feel at some intuitive level that they are entitled to take what they want...The word 'privilege' translates as 'private law'...the sense which some powerful people seem to have that different rules apply to them is not just a convenient smoke screen. They genuinely believe it."

-- "Absolutely," The Economist, 01.23.2010
A Hughes person loves to talk, or not talk. Why, when I read-up on how JIMMY CARTER altered nuclear war fighting strategy (a whole lot) was there a "hitman" pacing around upstairs in his cowboy boots? [SOUND: CLUNK, CLUNK]. Not sure. Nor am I sure why there was a body-double of HILLARY CLINTON shaking hands in Concord, New Hampshire during the 2008 Presidential Primary. I am, however, sure of why somebody physically stole or "disappeared" my photo of the fake Hillary and a beaming BILL CLINTON I cut out of the Concord Monitor. Last day in NH, 2008? The lead story was about a "pawn," wasn't it?
Bush 41? Unspeakable, except there is plenty of .gov audio of me saying, "He's not doing such a bad job," or "Not so bad for a Republican," and so forth. What's the WGA registered & U.S. Copyrighted name of the screenplay of mine that will never be a movie if there is no deal before September 30, 2010? Fooled Again. George W. Bush? Yes, I asked the St. Louis County cop "Can I cross?" (The secured, empty highway, presidential limo 'a comin' bridge). "Sure, just hurry it up!" Did he really say that? Yes! Did I stand out on the overpass (I-64/U.S. 40), empty highway below, and wonder, "What are 'they' trying to pull now?"
I did; that is a FACT, Sir Cuckoo-Bird! The REFRIGERATION MAN on his cell phone constantly? CIA! CIA! (They're not just for ignoring terrorists, don't you know?) And, we "capped" that one off with an embarrassed KSDK news crew, because the guy with an M-16 and some type of grievance against Mr. Bush was not me! Yet it is true that: a) The Secret Service helicopter flushed me out of 911 ST. RITA (Mr. "Turner's" building) for that bushwhacking; and b) I did once more stumble out of the Goebel Senior Adult Center's "computer lab" hooting "I make that! I own that!?" You know what I'm talking about, boys, don't you?
Have a nice day.
Hint: Think APACHE

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