Education Part II

"Did a vehicle come from somewhere out there and Park it, Park it?" Are you going to sponsor an asphyxiation event per day? Oh, buddy, he said it, I didn't: W: "Do you ever choke on your own spittle?" D: "Just about every day." GRAV FIELDS...who's doing it? "Micro-gravity labs," said the Nazis at NASA. Really? How about the NASA plane overhead during the last New Hampshire Primary with Soldier Boy whipping-out his ORANGE jug of Tide, and you think you are keeping me out of the 2012 festivities? Are you nuts? I'm not. And, BTW, who is "Kobi?" So in jail!!!

[continued] I set the deadlines for blockbusters or not, and buster, I can go to Saint Louis, Missouri whenever I please, and your world is gonna get rocked, but I shall not digress. How about the guy who did not mind my presence in February & March, 2009 showing up to sleep behind public buildings in August, 2010? Could he borrow my blanket? Sure, and he brought me a VON's Blueberry pie, so I trusted him ($0.55 in 2009//$0.59 in 2010).

"I'm right around the corner, just leave the blanket here when you go," was my "deal." I was up with the sun, and no blanket. Having endured houselessness/homelessness for 18 months, I thought, "That bastard took my blanket," and I proceeded to, as we said in the old neighborhood, "piss and moan," about everything I don't like, as with California, Hollywood, being artificially, but not repairable homeless for too long, and everybody in show business wanting to know what HUGHES SCREENPLAY #9 is about. (Confess.....yes you do). Kiddos, it is the sequel to #8, which is only WGA registered as partially complete.

Yes, I've learned my lessons from "The Great Ones" on California streets, so here's the deal: NO "FADE IN," NO SYNOPSIS, NO TREATMENT, NOT EVEN A DAMN LOG LINE until I have a signed movie deal. Only two hints, thieves: Think Apocalypse Now, it is called Eight(8) North, and may I rent some bulldozers in Ecuador, please? Yes, this is the real one, and I can do it, too. Right Coppala?


p.s.The homeless man left my blanket on the park bench where he slept, politely not disturbing me before sunup. Pissing & moaning? INVALID. There is a message there, Hollywood. Do you get it?

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