Location, Location, Location

Hey there, USAF & NASA kooks, this is called a "location" in ST. PETERS, MO. That is where maybe "John the Mailman" will help with security duties, and I'm offering select Starbucks Girls 150% of last year's IRS 1040EZ or 1040A to: A) Wear black, like California morons; B) Wait for me to yell, "Too close! That guy!"; C) Mace your face; D) Taze your butt; and, as an optional E) I reserve the right to kick your butt for bothering me when I'm trying to make a damn movie, or just being me, and doing whatever I want, which I thought was the premise of USA. JOHN BOLTON is running for president, per AOL? What does Mr. Hughes call him? "Road kill." Mafia! Mafia! Don't make up stories when I am talking about politics.

Where was I thinking (again) I was about to be murdered? AUSTIN, TEXAS. Where is Ms. Bullock from? What is her ex's name? What's the new babe's name? Kat? Regarding that "J.J." name, please, keep those MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH files safe. They tell such a story, don't they? Is Nixon in jail yet? Not yet?
Quick, to the diary "they" love to hate, before "Sleepy" comes:
09.03.10 8:34 A.M.
NORTHRUP [REDACTED] MAN says there are hurricanes on the Atlantic Coast, [ and]mentioned islands in North Carolina. Does this mean the Starbuck's Girls + GREEN MONSTER are "holdouts" with stopping whatever this is? Today, I decided I'm not afraid to "sign" to get home, [sign: SEND ME HOME--NEED MO] because the cash would go directly to U.S. BANK GIRL, and she might let me take her out to dinner with panhandled money.
8:45 a.m. Letters omitted, words omitted, & word substitutions--"they" can scramble your neurons, and California universities have rejected my e-mail from the HUGHES FOR PRESIDENT 2010 Yahoo box? Idea. Find USC, UC SANTA BARBARA, UCLA, & UC BERKELEY faculty e-mail, and call them out on mind control + make fun of Palin yanking out the old dirty hippie professor quote from NIXON/AGNEW days.

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