Negro's Gotta Go!

Cuckoo over my seized family photos, ARMY MAN/MAFIA MAN? Here's real deal: I make president, the missile does not say "Raytheon" on it, and the neo-Hughes Family of Missiles goes up your backside, because I am running for president like grizzled--excuse me, grizzly--moron Palin, and I can't cuss no 'mo. Mysterious Negroes in a near all-white, racist town I don't need, but hardy Mafia(s) are welcome to travel to the ghetto and look up women who might know hoodlums of color who will<cough, cough, goes the mystery Negro> May I have an attorney before I issue a threat? Thanks!!!
Tumble in the Goebel horseshoe pit? He went down like there's something amiss with g-forces, because sometimes, there is. "Rick! Rick! A guy's down out there! Call 911!" Didn't happen? Go to hell, Vandenberg nutcase! More star's falling down than I can shake a stick at, EU looks to be at a rolling boil over economic issues JOHN MC CAIN admitted not understanding, but I do. Palin's Index Cards? Honey, this boy is ready to rock, no teleprompter required.
I have read the blogs of others, and this site is tame, brother. Too tame. This is Dollar Bill. This is Daddy Warbucks for real. this is Alpha Dog. And, as the SS said, "Looks can be deceiving," or as I phrase it, "Don't let the long hair fool 'ya." I am tired of this (he's not that Hughes) crap! Get a job? Did Ventu County just hide a job so I could not print it out on scrap paper? Who does this, gnomes? "I'm fighting the clock," said you-know who, and here's the real deal:
Q: What does the USA's intel community excel at?"
A: "Wasting time."
Another attack coming from A-rabs? Was the president born here? Out with it, and "Move on." Dear God, give me a hot, live microphone before one of our so-called "friends" heaves some megatons.
Feeling suicidal? It's never up to me.

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