The Demise of Mafia(s)

You boys are in trouble now. River City has never looked uglier, as the "You Need to Update Your e-mail Account" and Bad Password messages just keep on comin.' Free speech? Who are you trying to kid? That moron Palin has another book coming out she did not write? Our drug dealing president would beat her if the election were held today with 55% of the vote? Bullfeathers! Bill Clinton's out on the stump defending that Boob-in-Chief? I'm tired of this crap; when does WATERGATE 2.0 begin? Excuse me, I have to pee, and I'm not ashamed to say it, because unlike NASA spies, I don't use diapers, but I once knew a USAF slut who did. $865,000 collected for hiking her skirt some more? What happened to the former Governor's troublesome $400,000 or so, FBI? (I promise to not use your precious badge anywhere, because when I first put up AbolishTheCIA.org, per usual, I did my homework. No prohibition on that rotten seal of "Terrorism Done Well & Often").

Who paid for all of the killing? Let's agree to not talk about it until I have a pack of bloodthirsty lawyers with I.Q.'s in excess of 150.

Mafia! Mafia! Every f---ing day, they just sit around and stare, plus the gays, religious kooks, misplaced Army/Navy football game rejects, and it just goes on, and on, and on...[SOUND: AIR HORN]. Get "spooked," Cuckoo-Birds and loser "Camp Followers," because after 55 years, 5 days, I CAUGHT A BODY-DOUBLE BUT GOOD. One..two...three...It's "coincidence," right?

WRONG! And this is so "tasty," "precious," "good".....damn! You low-down spies, terrorists, and common protection racket criminals can misuse any English language word you choose. It's like the whole HUGHES TOOL COMPANY & HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY train robbery. YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF IT! Spies, spies, spies, who is "Holding the bag?" Sorry (but not), you picked the wrong black dude to be the first you-know-what. So in jail!!! No excuses!!! No lame alibis!!! MICROWAVES ARE MICROWAVES, and 600 mg of Motrin only helps so much. Out you go, Negro!!!!!

p.s. WGA minimum is up to $101, 936 if the budget is over 5 million? Where did I say I was going? Gov. Sarah, may I issue a "retraction" through that lying, mind controlling, POL SCI bum spin jackass MARK HALPERIN at Time? What's his address? letters@time.com, is it not, girls?

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