Bear Poo & "Doo-Doo"

Bears are back? Trib, surely you jest! Bears suck! Cubs suck! Did I go to a Black Hawks game in...1965? I later got lost, and no one called the policeman? Kinda Maf-IA, wouldn't you say? Same old, same old, in that the valiant suburban Chicago policeman did ask what a 10 year-old North St. Louis boy was doing out for a stroll. Can't beat this memory, nor could DIANA ORTUNO torture it to a pile of brain matter mush. I found my way back all by myself, and a house full of adults said, "Whew!" in unison. "They're eight years apart!" some old maf-ia spook hollered, just this morning.

As the Starbucks lesbians said, "Tell me/us something I/we don't already know." "DEB SIMCOX," is Obama still the president? I don't get out much. Are you ready for the "You're Goin' to Jail" Yahoo blog? Tell "Eagle" piece of crap JOE WALSH, "It's a new concept."

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