Whitewater Revisited

A: From The Shape of Water, by ANDREA CAMILLERI
Q: Hughes, who was Andrea 1.0?
A: My spy neighbor @ 911 St.Rita.
Q: Who's Andrea 2.0?
A: She spies on me for the CRPD.
Q: What is the CRPD?
A: I am not at liberty to say, until the president and first lady are locked-up.
Q: Are you nuts?
A: No, but the whole damn world is waiting for that racy blog piece titled, "Central Intake."

"I'm red inside and out, Montalbano. I belong to the bad, rancorous Communists, an endangered species. I accepted the whole bit, because I am convinced that those who were saying we shouldn't sully the poor bastard's memory by dwelling on the circumstances of his death actually wished him ill, not well, as they were trying to make us think.'

'I don't understand.'

'Well, let me explain, my innocent friend. The quickest way to make people forget a scandal is to talk about it as much as possible, on television, in the papers, and so on. Over and over you flog the same dead horse, and pretty soon people are getting fed up. They're really dragging this out! they say. Haven't we had enough? After a couple of weeks the saturation effect is such that nobody wants to hear another word about that scandal. Now do you understand'?"

Translation (c) 2002 Stephen Sartarelli
HEY KOOKS, WHO IS BLOCKING THE UPLOAD OF PHOTOS FROM THE Goebel Senior Adult Center, Thousand Oaks California, in the "Computer Lab" on the DELL 7_55's.What does my Birth Certificate say? 1955. What does the president's say? Location, location, location.

Hey donkeys, who killed RON BROWN?
Who killed VINCE FOSTER?
Have a rotten evening.

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