Drama! Drama!

For cryin' out loud, may I phone, or in u.k.-ese, "ring-up" [please, hackers, stop inserting 9's on my screen] a U.S. Senator's aide? May I have one, too, when I run for president?
Q: "Where does he sleep?"
A: "In the courthouse."
Q: "What does he eat?"
A: "Whatever the U.S. Marshal's serve on a plastic tray."
Let's kill some time, by going back in time, and don't steal anything, or you will surely go to jail:
10:05 a.m.
JUSTIN was out back of GOEBEL acting like a big ass. Is he pulling a gun out of his pack, or clean underwear? Hey, Mr. L[ ], I don't have either, and I don't give a f---, because here's the 'deal'.
1.85 million = RITA TRILOGY
.5 million = Fooled Again
1.2 million = Six(6) South + #9, THE SEQUEL.
There is the "menu." This is not a spy movie. I am trying to see my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY sold, not STOLEN.
And don't "they" love my Microsoft "notebook" notes that CA creatures see somehow, without looking over my shoulder. Here's today's missive:
"Having 'fun?' Not a .gov among you. What did CEH say in 1975? 'Bill, these are not narcotics officers, these are not government agents, they are just regular people.' Yeah, 'regular people' running me off the f---ing road and threatenting to kill me. Has Obama resigned yet? Not yet?"
No e-spying? No bugging? KEY/CODE WORDS: "OLIVE GARDEN."
Let's go to court!!!

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