Lights Out, Sleepy

Yahoo! You are being so difficult, in so many ways, in regard to my HUGHES FOR PRESIDENT 2012 box, I might have to Fax you a complaint, but why bother? It almost makes me like Goo-Goo GOOGLE. Did one try and buy the other? Do you arrive at work fashionably California late and do not much work? I got written up for "tardiness," but F-15E's flew overhead when I was more than, oh, about 20 minutes late. What's that mean? Subpoena the timeclock records, get the radar data, and you will "discover" just how "nuts" I really am! See, dumb-assed spies--it works both ways!
Here's the text of what I want to put on Yahoo, but I'll tell everyone my darkest secrets on Google, except maybe Google/China.cn Whatever.
"Good day, future political "We like Hughes" check writers, I've got news for you. The ACLU is riding their horses to my rescue [SCREECH-BAM-TINKLE-TINKLE]. They're not? Don't think so, because as with another "organization" I am very familiar with, that being the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), it's always about Shiite - Suni with political nomenclature in the USA. So, is the ACLU to help fight-off Big Brother, or hand him the juiciest tidbits?
I here allege in that schism,the tidbit crowd won a long time ago. And, how about NAMI and their penchant for putting adult spykids in the loony bin for their own safety, versus the 'Let them be impoverished in the community' approach? I use the term 'crowd' a lot, because when the barely housed 'street friend' I call, 'The Navy Bolshevik' said, 'McDonald's is too crowded' at a given time, I knew immediately the population he was referring to was/is comprised of spies, thugs, drug dealers, hyper-religious wackos, and ex-military types. Sad fact is, they run in a pack, and they run the nation.
Yes, I'd be a populist Republican, if you killers don't mind, and should the wing of our old National Security Act of 1947 farts who do not engage in crime approve, maybe I can run for president, eh? I know they exist, the 'We abstained from MURDER, INC.' people, because their 'inside joke' has long been to ask Mr. Hughes why he does not enjoy billiards or card-playing. 'I'm no good at it,' is my standard reply. The last guy to ask, as he stared at the state-sponsored criminals along with me on his walker, asked, 'Well, what are you good at?' I said, 'Softball.' 'Slow pitch or fast?' he asked. 'Slow, and I'll slap singles all day, plus scoop them out of the dirt for you.' Spy talk? No, cuckoo-birds, you should have seen that 1980's 'Cornell Shift' the English Department pulled to try and deny those singles. Woah! Allies? What allies?
Hopping into my AMC Rambler to circle back to the ACLU's cave-in on FOIA Exception #1, I will simply ask, 'Why did you say 'Uncle' to Big Government and oversexed war machines?' What if I got the whole world to withhold the machine's oil can? Pushing Tin? Tin Man? My life would be vastly improved by a tin roof, as in pre-microprocessor India, because it rains a lot in sunny Southern California December through March.
See you on my movie set."
p.s. FAA reports are not classified, so perhaps the USA's distinguished journalists would like to tell me why you reported ice on the wings of SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE's Beechcraft King Air when there was none? Why did the Senator's plane crash? Ignore me some more, please. More relevant to the .gov crime directed against me, the world should know I had just put that aircraft into a fictional screenplay of mine.
Q: Who turned the lights out at the NSA?
A: President Hughes.

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