In Ventura County and Los Angeles County, if their mouths are moving, they are lying. At least "they" got the real hair color right for this shot. Is DISNEY CORP. hearing footsteps? Surely I am mentally ill, think I'm Buzz Aldrin, and plan on ending the world. Who of you would care, you are so f---ed up all ofthe time. Drug test? Why bother with the real charges that are coming down on your head, girl. Where is she? Did you save the security video at CARL'S JR.? It is called HARDEES in the hometown, and if you are disabled, don't mop over any kook's shoes or you will be fired by an overly Christian lady owner. Give me the company store!

SONY (get out of Culver by sundown, and all that rot)

Anybody getting "paranoid?"
I saw Ozzie sing it when young & skinny. Plus, I saw Ozzie at shortstop for a long......(counting the dots in the ellipse? Are you nuts?) I'm not.

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